About Us

Sitasana, founded Spring of 2018, is a lifestyle brand and creator of textile furnishings designed to inspire the time tested practice of meditation and floor seating for health and longevity. 

The name Sitasana, is derived from the Sanskrit word, asana.  If you practice yoga, you are surely familiar with the poses Shavasana (corpse pose) and Utkatasana (chair pose).  The many various yoga asanas are designed to benefit our well being and are meant to cultivate awareness, relaxation and concentration which is the same intention behind Sitasana products.

Our founder, Haley Wilson, is a yogi, meditator, and wellness enthusiast.  She thought of starting Sitasana in Fall of 2017, while living in Ubud, Bali, where meditation, prayer and floor seating were part of the daily life. She now lives in Santa Barbara, California where all products are designed and tested prior to being manufactured nearby. Haley and the Sitasana team are committed to delivering you the best possible products and look forward to growing the line throughout 2022.

Haley Wilson Sitasana